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Interlock 35

Interlock 35 is patented and intended for installation on security doors, gates, grills, containers, trailers etc.

The lock is designed for both a single and a double door and is intended to be used where a high security lock is required.

It has built-in floating fastenings for an optimal function on containers and trailers, which move diagonally during transport or set up on uneven ground. The lock has a semi-gloss black protective color and its design makes it impossible to pry, knock or pull apart.

Interlock 35 is supplied together with backing plates, adjustment-washers, fastening bolts, drilling template and assembly instructions.

Technical properties

Technical properties

Dimensions: L 180 mm, H 100 mm

Weight: 6,7 kg

Interlock 35
 is made of tempered steel, is tested by SFF and certified by SBCS AB. and has security class 5.

Interlock 35 is protected against drilling, partly with an extra hard rotating drill protector in front of the cylinder lock, as well as a fixed, hardened drill protector encased in the cylinder lock.

Interlock 35
 has passed diving tests.

Interlock 35 is approved in climate tests (with salt-laden air) and in heat and cooling tests.


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